Trump, Free Speech for People, Mississippi Water Crisis, Immigrants, The Ugly Legacy of the British Monarchy


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Sonali Kolhatkar
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Fri, 09/16/2022 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm


This week, well examine whether a clause of the 14th Amendment can be applied to former president Donald Trump and disqualify him from seeking future office. Ron Fein of the group Free Speech for People will explain why a recent ruling could be a precedent. Then, well go to Mississippi where a water crisis in Jackson has left thousands of residents without clean drinking water for weeks. Lorena Quiroz, founder of the Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity will be my guest. Finally, well turn to Rahul Mahajan, our foreign policy and empire correspondent, for a look at the ugly legacy of British monarchy that the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II symbolized. 

Feat. Ron Fein, Lorena Quiroz, Rahul Mahajan 





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