Terry Riley's In C - live at KBOO

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Mon, 05/03/2021 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
rebroadcast of performance from 9/29/2014

This coming Monday, May 3, 2021 on KBOO from 8-10 PM A Different Nature will present a rebroadcast a recording of Terry Riley's "In C" live at KBOO from September 29, 2014.  Performed as part of that year's celebration of In C's 50th anniversary, and co-hosted by Daniel Flessas and Andy Hosch, the evening featured a sixteen member ensemble recruited with the help of Michael Stirling and Ron Blessinger, and nicknamed (by Daniel) the "In C Monkeys": 

Diane Chapman-cello, Ron Blessinger & Michelle Alany-violins, Chiran Wharty (sp?) & Kathy Fors-accordions, Reed Wallsmith-alto sax, Doug Haney (sp?)-bass sax, Christopher Corbell & Dan Duvall-electric guitars, Jeffrey Ashton & Peter LeClair-classical guitars, Hillary Smith-tabla & melodica, Paul Beck-cimbalom, John Berensen (sp?)-voice, Ann Adams-voice & human theremin, and Mitchell Falconer-piano.

During the second hour, we'll listen to another interesting rendition: 

African Express presents Terry Riley's in C Mali, also recorded in 2014, featured an ensemble of mostly Malian musicians playing traditional African instruments, led by the German-born conductor André de Ridder.

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