Robert Dugoni on his thriller "Bodily Harm"

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Thu, 10/14/2010 - 11:00am to 11:30am
Ed Goldberg intervews author Robert Dugoni

Host Ed Goldberg interviews bestselling Seattle writer Robert Dugoni, author of "Bodily Harm," a thriller about those who profit from selling dangerous toys. When parents lose their six-year-old son to an esteemed pediatrician s seeming negligence, they turn to attorney David Sloane for justice.

In his return as "the lawyer who does not lose," Sloane is on the verge of another victory, but something about the malpractice case has bothered him from the start. And his uneasiness grows when toy designer Kyle Horgan confronts him on the way to the verdict to claim responsibility not only for the child s death but also for the fate of a second little boy in central Washington.

When the toy designer vanishes, leaving behind only a ransacked apartment, Sloane teams up with his longtime investigative partner (and former CIA operative) Charles Jenkins to reexamine the deaths and dig deeper into Horgan s claims. They are forced to enter the cutthroat world of toy manufacturing where hundreds of millions of dollars are staked on finding the next "It" product. Sloane must dodge a vicious and calculating killer, exonerate the doctor, and overcome a devastating personal loss that nearly destroys him all while keeping in check his overwhelming desire for revenge. 


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