Show #46 - Inspired By

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Wed, 10/20/2021 - 3:00pm

This show features songs that were inspired by a specific person in the songwriter's life. For instance, we have Eric Clapton singing Wonderful Tonight which he wrote about his wife Patti Boyd, and we have Paul Simon's song Heart & Bones about his wife Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia).  You get the idea. There are ten more similarly inspired songs.  Plus at the end of the show, Scott plays two songs in memory of his recenty deceased brother Doug. 


Opener - Jennifer Juniper by Donovan
Song 1 - Mother by John Lennon. Played by Joe
Song 2 - Your Mother And I by Louden Wainwright III. Played by Joe
Song 3 - Mulyawongk by Archie Roach. Played by Scott
Song 4 - I Miss You by Randy Newman. Played by Joe
Song 5 - I Saw Her Again (Last Night) by The Mamas and Papas. Played by Scott
Song 6 - Miss U by Blackfield. Played by Joe
Song 7 - Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Played by Scott
Song 8 - Heart And Bones by Paul Simon. Played by Joe
Song 9 - Sara Smile by Hall & Oates. Played by Scott
Song 10 - But I Might Die Tonight by Yusef/Cat Stevens. Played by Joe
Song 11 - The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance by Sinead O'Connor. Played by Scott
Song 12 - I Wanna Learn A Love Song by Harry Chapin. Played by Joe
Song 13 - I Can Hear Music by The Beach Boys. Played by Scott
Song 14 - Among The Stars by Mike Pinder. Played by Scott

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