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Great hour here but scant info when I click on READ MORE. Thanks for the audio archive left here on this 'BOO web page Celeste & Cecil. Went looking online and found little of what you are using this momentous and Crisis LABOR DAY 2021. From Hurricane Louisiana Wipe-Outs, flooded NYC and northeast to yet-ablaze Caldor and Bootleg fires in Pacific NW and the new oil pipeline spill bubbling up off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico, it's Deja Vu and Displacement on a more massive scale all over again as Yogi Berra would say. For both the Obama-Biden-Holder and earlier Bush-Cheney-Paulson FEMA and Finance Collapse Failures with TARP bail-out thrown over Wall Street lenders but not fleeced borrowers and their servicing professional classes via FDIC. All the while Failure for the rest of U.S. and continued corporate immunity from criminal prosecution of Suite Crime.

Meanwhile corporate-captured U.S. broadcast media keeps feeding the images of Street Crime to Incarceration Nation and investors of Privatized For-Profit Prisons!

This Labor Day, as John Lennon wrote and sang in our anthem Working Class Hero, we are no more visible in U.S. News coverage that reaches This Week On Wall Street, or Planet Money, or Marketplace, or Business Insider, or Bloomberg Billionaire Bid-Net News, or Freakanomics or the Wealth Concentration Zones of our investor classes.

Today via the Biden-Harris and NABISCO Strike with outsourcing of jobs to Mexico. Emptying more Just In Time Supply Line empty yet efficient in corporate terms inventoried shelves across Wal-Mart, Kroger (FRED MEYER Stores bought up in Pacific NW) and another UFCW Food Stamp Wage Slave contract \ hazard pay of pennies per hour rescinded by corporate HQ after 2 months of Covid 19 back in 2020. Meanwhile billions of dollars in corporate profits hoovered up by $21 Million Man Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen or Kraft Foods spin off Mondelez LLC (Frito Lay on strike too, more on that later) CEO and $21 Million Woman Irene Rosenfeld for executive buy-backs of the Corporate officers back in Cincinnati, OH, Chicago, IL or Topeka, KS (Frito-Lay).

All these concentrated profits of anti-competitive, Anti-Trust exempted regional buy-outs that took decades of our Justice Department and Law Enforcement looking the other way toward penny ante Street Crime, as corporate consolidations of grocers while part-timing of workers with outsourcing and de-professionalization of those beyond Wal-Mart lucky enough to be union represented full-time UFCW contract staff.

These are the Labor Gains at UFCW: I value the gains made by Black Women at UFCW, and this interview guest Ms. ROBIN WILLIAMS (no not the stand-up comic\actor RIP, Z"L), Daughter of a Preacher with Labor Values and terrific dignity of her working her way up at SAFEWAY to Shop Steward and then on up the UFCW hierarchy:
Here's the link to the program you've aired on KBOO.

Program Title: WINGS #44-17 And Still They Rise
Description: For Black History Month, WINGS reprises Kate Raphael's 2016 interview with the dynamic daughter of a Preacher, Ms. Robin Williams, Civil Rights Director for the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW). Williams discusses the revitalization of the labor movement under the influence of the Fight for $15 and Black Lives Matter. She recounts trials and triumphs from her and others' organizing work.

Host(s): Kate Jessica Raphael

Thanks again, I knew nothing about this Black Woman Leader, this dynamic Ms Robin Williams in the very union of FRED MEYER\SAFEWAY-ALBERTSON (CERBERUS CAPITAL HOLDINGS) shleppers that I belong to here in Local 555. Glad I could find something on them online so I guess this lack of info on KBOO pages forces U.S. all into being resourceful on our own.

Why hasn't our UNION of UFCW salaried hierarchy and staff publicized this Community Radio syndicated broadcast to build Union Membership and Solidarity as an Outreach program? Our UFCW Wage Slave negotiated contracts do not allow U.S. to earn our own keep and food as so many of U.S. Workers need tax-payer Food Stamps and Rent Aid and Community Action Energy Assistance as the 50 years of quantified Wage Stagnation has grown with little to no NEWS MEDIA COVERAGE.

Except for this online indie news report carried by WONKETTE that sums up how during Covid 19-20- now by Labor Day 2021 UFCW has gained nothing for the FRONT LINE NECESSARY WORKERS BY WAY OF INCREASING SICK LEAVE SO WHEN WE GET THIS MYSTERIOUS MOLECULE DRIVING COVID GLOBAL PANDEMIC we can take sick days without running risk of being EVICTED as we fall behind further on rent and basic life needs:

Wish I'd had some U.S. UNION DEMANDING a corporate-captured U.S. NEWS PRESENCE.
The voiceless Working Class Hero\Shero of John Lennon's song? P-R-E-S-E-N-T-E (if you look hard enough for U.S. between the massive profits of Comfort Zoned out consumerism).

Solidarity? From Nabisco workers losing plants and jobs to Mexico after sacrificing their bodies on Mondolez (U.S.-based multi-national monopolizer of grocery markets see
Wiki dossier:
bought-up high production lines of this nation's once iconic National Biscuit Company?

Or the strike of Frito Lay workers across what is left of trans national corporate presence in state of Kansas (Neo-Liberal E-CON'd and Neo-Con'd cannon fodder providing Kansas):

WINGS \ Women International News Gathering Service

Yet, not a word about 50 years U.S. WAGE SLAVE STAGNATION across race, ethnicity, nationality, language, trade, profession or industry. Not even a link provided U.S. WORKERS so we can share more about this apparently EXTRAORDINARY Woman who rose in ranks of UFCW with no MEDIA nowhere online that I've searched for any amplification and repetition of what should be VALORIZED LABOR DAY WORKING CLASS SHERO\HERO programming.

Keep on doing Celeste & Cecil &
Unionized KBOO Staff
Health and Balance

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PS -
I recognized the weekly program name BUILDING BRIDGES from my years on east coast listening to and volunteering at WBAI Community Radio Tri-State Area\Pacifica Radio. It appears to be Program 4045 although finding podcast link not so easy. Here is READ MORE on what y'all are using here on KBOO:

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