new releases April 26, 2012

KBOO response to COVID19
new releases April 26, 2012

Afrolicious    Pleasuretime    ESL Music    Africa (contemporary)
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars    Radio Salone    Cumbancha    Africa (contemporary)
Taylor, Ebo    Appia Kwa Bridge    Strut    Africa (contemporary)
Cleary, Jon    Occapella!    FHQ    Blues (urban)
Perkins, Pinetop    Heaven    Blind Pig    Blues (urban)
Trout, Walter    Blues for the Modern Daze    Provogue    Blues (urban)
Allen, Rex Jr.    Today's Generation    Omni    C&W
Chaparral    Lost & Found    Crossing Caldwell    C&W
Fitzgerals, Susie    Plenty    Big Purr    C&W
Williams, Hank III    Long Gone Daddy    Curb    C&W
Battles    Dross Glop    Warp    Electronica
Eccodek    Remixtasy    PID     Electronica
Gloom Prophet    Nine Remixes......    The Bureau    Electronica
Sarah, George    Who Sleep the Sleep of Peace    Pusan Music Group    Electronica
Thomas, Peter Sound Orchestra    Orion 2000    Self-released    Electronica
Zammuto    self-titled     Self-released    Electronica
If, Bwana    E (and sometimes why)    Pogus    Experimental
Welsch, Johannes    Sound Creation    Deep Listening    Experimental
White, Frances    In the Library of Dreams    Pogus    Experimental
Griffith, Nanci    Intersection    Hell No Records    Folk (contemporary)
Bombay Royale    You Me Bullets Love    Hopestreet    India
Minna    A Good Thing    Self-released    Reggae
American Dollar    Awake in the City    Self-released    Rock [alt/punk]
Asonat    Love in Times of Repetition    N5md     Rock [alt/punk]
Beal, Wills Earl    Acousmatic Sorcery    XL    Rock [alt/punk]
Dandy Warhols    This Machine    The End    Rock [alt/punk]
Guantanamo Baywatch    Chest Crawl    Dirtnap    Rock [alt/punk]
Here We Go magic    A Different Ship    Secretly Canadian    Rock [alt/punk]
High On Fire    De Vermis Mysterus    eOne    Rock [alt/punk]
Light Asylum    Self-titled    Mexican Summer    Rock [alt/punk]
Moonface    Heartbreaking Bravery with Sinai    Jagjaguwar    Rock [alt/punk]
Part Time    What Would You Say?    Mexican Summer    Rock [alt/punk]
Pink Slip    Bullet    Self-released    Rock [alt/punk]
Pumice    Puny    Self-released    Rock [alt/punk]
Ramone, Joey    “...Ya Know”    BMG    Rock [alt/punk]
Round, Carina    Tigermending    Dehisce    Rock [alt/punk]
Siddhartha    If It Die    Neurotic Yell    Rock [alt/punk]
Skabbs    Self-titled    Jackpot    Rock [alt/punk]
Sleepy Sun     Spine Hits    The End    Rock [alt/punk]
Soft Bombs    Embrace the Light    Soundport    Rock [alt/punk]
TRST    Self-titled    Arts & Crafts     Rock [alt/punk]
Watson, Patrick    Adventures In Your Own Backyard    Domino    Rock [alt/punk]
Winston, Alex    King Con    Island    Rock [alt/punk]
Xiu Xiu    Always    Polyvinyl    Rock [alt/punk]
Zambri    House of Baasa    Kanine    Rock [alt/punk]
Alabama Shakes    Boys & Girls    ATO    Rock [oldies]
Arlyn, Debra    Heartbeat    Homeslice Music    Rock [oldies]
Belles Will Ring    Self-titled [EP]    Self-released    Rock [oldies]
Cuddle magic    Info Nympho    This Is Analog    Rock [oldies]
Escovedo, Alejandro    Big Station    Fantasy    Rock [oldies]
Fagan, Stephanie    Heart Thief    Yonder Music    Rock [oldies]
Fichot, Jessica    Le Secret    Self-released    Rock [oldies]
Foley, Sue & Peter Karp    Beyond the Crossroads    Blind Pig    Rock [oldies]
Forty Nineteens    No Expiration Date    Heyday    Rock [oldies]
Harrison, George    Early Takes, vol. 1    Universal    Rock [oldies]
Hart, Michey    Mysterium Tremendum    360 Productions     Rock [oldies]
Hiss Golden Messenger    Poor Moon    Tompkins Square    Rock [oldies]
Hoots & Hellmouth    Salt    sonaBLAST!     Rock [oldies]
Jones, Norah    ...Little Broken Hearts    Blue Note    Rock [oldies]
Joplin, Janis    Pearl    Sony    Rock [oldies]
Joseph, Patrick    Antiques    Self-released    Rock [oldies]
Kasper, Chris    The First hundred Years Are the Hardest    Self-released    Rock [oldies]
King, Carole    Legendary Demos    Rockingale    Rock [oldies]
Koerner, Maggie    Quarter life    Self-released    Rock [oldies]
Leftover Salmon    Aquatic Hitchhiker    LoS    Rock [oldies]
McPherson, JD    Signs & Signifiers    Rounder/HiStyle    Rock [oldies]
Nelson, Lukas    Wasted    Tone Tide    Rock [oldies]
Osborne, Anders    Black Eye Galaxy    Alligator    Rock [oldies]
Ramona Falls    Prophet    Barsuk    Rock [oldies]
Robin, Janet    Everything has Changed    Little Sister    Rock [oldies]
Santana    Shapeshifter (sampler CD)    RED    Rock [oldies]
Sergeant, John Singer    Friends    Kirtland    Rock [oldies]
Tolchin, Jonah    Criminal Man    Self-released    Rock [oldies]
Turner, Russell    Aubade    Industrialist    Rock [oldies]
Two Man Gentlemen Band    Two At A Time    Self-released    Rock [oldies]
Wagner, Mirel    Self-titled    Friendly Fire    Rock [oldies]
Wainwright,Rufus    Out of the Game    Decca    Rock [oldies]
Soriano, Joan    La Familia Soriano    Iaso    Salsa/Latin jazz
Brownout    Oozy    Nat Geo    Soul
Honors English    State of the Art    Dryrain    Soul
K. Flay    Eyes Shut    RCA    Soul
Lushlife    Plateau Vision    Western Vinyl    Soul
Rene, Wendy    After laughter Comes Tears    Light in the Attic    Soul
Sugarman Three    What the World Needs Now    Daptone    Soul
Williams, Andre    Night & Day    Yep Roc    Soul