Conversation with Xi EarthStar

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Fri, 03/25/2022 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black - Squirrels Know

Join Ender Black on a superb conversation with Xi EarthStar, one of the youngest and most prolific entrepeneurs in the field of galactic awareness and cosmic integration.

We discuss transcendent subjects, as per rule on Squirrels Know, and we delve deep into topics such as:

*The ongoing Protocols of Galactic Interaction.

*The appreciation and reverence for the living, breathing universal creation.

*The dynamics of planetary consciousness.

*Animal Awareness = Galactic Spirit.

*The immense, awe-inspiring value of our fellow beings on the planet, as they carry the cardinal cosmic spirit that activates all of our creation. 

*The immense, awe-inspiring value of children, as they are to be the creator beings who are to possess full stewardship of our creation. "The ones that matter most are the children. They are the true human beings." (Lakota Proverb)

*The blessing of the present moment, and the indestructible beauty and poetry of existence, regardless of exogenous pressures and mechanisms.

*The actual state of planet Earth: a colony of a predatorial, foreign influence which seeks to oppose all that occurs naturally throughout the galaxies. They have generated all possibilities, through their "game of emotional dichotomy, light and dark", something that has been very carefully designed and implemented at a global scale. 

*We discuss devices wedged within the time/space dimensional folds over major cities, such as Portland, New York, as well as pockets in California, contraptions with a goal to negatively affect human consciousness, and syphon lifeforce away from us. We talk about devices specifically related to pornography, the one addictive behavior that is most effective at draining the primary, universal source, creational energy from humans. These intrusions are allowed because absolute free will has been granted in our solar system, and such devices are used to promote the "game of light and dark", effectively keeping human identities in a personal prison. 

*At this moment in time, with all the myriad of incarnated people with "starseed consciousness", meaning people with a remembrance and acceptance of their cosmic origin, able to identify Earth as an anomalous environment, we have the key to our planetary success. We can provide a very positive influence on the planet with our actions, and this is triggering our galactic allies to enter the next stage in their involvement with our realm. With the aid, support and protection of our galactic allies, we are creating a completely different and much more evolved reality for the entire planet, regardless of the negative and outdated societal interactions and mechanisms still taking place globally.    

*Lastly, we discuss the opening, mission and details on EarthStar Academy, one of the main centers on the planet for cosmic integration, healing and activation of starseed populations. Centers such as these are crucial for the times ahead, when we will be fully reintegrated to our galactic family, and follow Galactic Law, which is of course a set of celestial precepts and commandments, able to fully solidify the "Bridge to Heaven" that is being carefully built since approximately seven months from this episode.  


Xi Earthstar is the founder of EarthStar Academy, a comprehensive and dynamic training ground for lightworkers, starseeds, and indigos, providing multidimensional healing, training, activation, and mission support. Xi is an Oracle of Divine Love and a wisdom keeper of Original Creation Sciences. Through the arts of oracle transmission, singing, writing, and multi-dimensional energy work, Xi is guiding people back into the Heart of Creation by living a life of reverence, devotion, and higher purpose. For more about Xi and information on this one-of-a-kind school, go to:

You can also check out her YouTube channel for more excellent content: earthstarhealeryoutube


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