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Ender Black - Musician, Galactic Liason for Earth Protocols of Galactic Interaction
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For a long time, Ender Black has been exercising his coconut here on this radio station through expansive conversations, opinion, delving into subjects regarding existence, nature, spirit, the cosmos, life beyond our solar system, life beyond death, the future of the world, as well as discovering wonderful music of all kinds and genres. Everything so he can reach out to the unknown, pierce the veil, and come up with concepts and ideas that can be of benefit to everybody. A lot of inspiration activism. 

The search for depth and truth, as well as the search for solutions, no matter how fantastic they may be, are also critical aspects of what he does. Ender's upbringing was heavily focused on spirituality and the value of ancient Native American principles, in addition to the study and appreciation of all religions, and this has of course marked his life. There are also many fascinating people he has had the privilege of meeting and talking to, and this is one of the most fun aspects of his work.

Ender Black has been a musician and singer, songwriter since he was 6 years old, when he started laying down his first (terrible) recordings on Garageband. He's been captivated and enchanted by music ever since, and has participated in bands at music schools and labs, played many shows with them, rejoiced in the empowering feeling of applause, and has enjoyed the simple pleasures of being a humble, modest home musician for the past couple of years. You see, Ender has been a very lonely, traumatized little boy, and he has had to do all kinds of things to heal himself and become confident and proactive. At present, he is very excited to begin the release of his very first, official work! All homemade at first, of course, using the wonders of available tools and software. 

He's also very busy building a bridge to Heaven with the help from his cat, best friend and ally, Remus, who moved on from this world recently. Remus and Ender happen to be one being, one half of the other. Now that Remus resides in the heavenly realms, and Ender certainly does not as he is still on Earth, he feels the need and responsibility to reunite with his best friend in order to feel whole again. He realizes that if a bridge to Heaven can be built based on the truest, purest form of love, like the love of a boy for his cat, then this could be beneficial for everybody, not just to him. During these strange global times, the only way out is to come up with solutions that are wholesome and nourishing.

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