2020: Year of Reckoning; and remembering Hank Adams


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Wed, 12/30/2020 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Host Paul Roland looks back at a fateful year and takes your calls at 503-231-8187



While most seem to want to put 2020 quickly behind us and move on, the year was a time of reckoning that needs to be continued and taken further. A time of reckoning with deeply embedded systemic racism and historic injustice; with the fragility of our democratic institutios and the lurking spectre of fascism behind them, still present; of continued reckoning with patriarchy and sexual abuse; and with the increasingly obvious corruptions of a capitalist system incapable of dealing with the multiple intersecting crises besetting it.


A fundamental part of that reckoning has to do with the continuing legacy of European colonization of this continent, which, along with the enslavement and forced labor of millions of Africans, set the stage for the grand experiment called the "United States," which has turned out to be, in many ways, an even more virulent type of colonizing empire bent on extracting wealth and imposing domination.


Hank Adams, who died last week at age 77, embodied the spirit of resistance to colonization and domination of the Indigenous Peoples of this continent. Paul will read some articles about him and the American Indian Movement's Trail of Broken Treaties 20 Point Position Paper, which Adams drafted.

The listener call-in line to join the conversation is 503-231-8187.


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