Interview with Mitigation Specialist Victoria Rusk


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Mon, 12/14/2020 - 6:30pm to 7:00pm

Please join us as we talk with Mitigation Specialist Victoria Rusk this week on Prison Pipeline.  Mitigation in criminal defense is the 'why' behind the crime. It tells the accused person’s story and asks a judge or jury to consider the significant life circumstances leading up to a crime. Rusk is the author of a new, easy to read book designed for both judges and attorney as well as defendants. The Handbook for mitigation also explains the process of how to investigate, present, and use mitigating evidence in the justice system. “My goal is for mitigation investigation to be a part of all cases, not just felony cases and death penalty cases. Mitigation is key to a fair trial and fair sentencing in our justice system – and more professional mitigation specialists are needed in America,” says Rusk.  

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About the book
The Handbook of Mitigation introduces the concept of mitigation: A process used to discover and present factors in a criminal defendant’s life that can influence sentencing decisions. This reference book gives defendants, attorneys who represent them, loved ones, witnesses, and mitigation specialists practical information on how mitigation investigation can reduce harsh and unjust punishments. 

About the Author
Mitigation specialist Victoria Rusk has criss-crossed Texas, and points beyond, notebook in hand, to interview clients and witnesses, to comb through stacks of medical records, or meet with experts and attorneys.  She’s visited schools and state prisons, courthouses and jails, church gatherings and private backyards in search of the truth, with the highest stake facing her clients, the life sentence or death penalty.  Find out more about Victoria Rusk and The Handbook for Mitigation at 

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