Episode Five - They Thought We Were Everywhere: Portland Anti Racist Action


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Fri, 12/11/2020 - 7:15am to 7:30am

In this episode we return to the Rose City as Portland punks solidify an anti-fascist stance and square off. No more mingling with spiky-haired punks one night and racist skinheads the next; the chronic bypassing of casual racism becomes confrontational. We hear from punks Chyna, Jason, Kelly and Jorin, activists Scot Nakagawa, M. Treloar, and Jonathan Mozzochi, and journalist Patrick Mazza about different tactics for organizing across different groups and the surprising effect it has on the scene. 


Show Notes - https://itdidhappenherepodcast.com/shownotes/ShowNotesEpisode5.pdf

Transcript - https://itdidhappenherepodcast.com/transcripts/episode5_transcript.html


Producers: Celina Flores, Erin Yanke, Mic Crenshaw

Editors: Erin Yanke and Icky A.

Interviews for this episode: Barbara Bernstein, Celina Flores, Ender Black, Erin Yanke, and Mic Crenshaw

Story editors: Celina Flores, Erin Yanke, Icky A., Mic Crenshaw, Moe Bowstern

Visual archivist: Julie Perini

Mastering: Colin Casserd

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Dead Conspiracy


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