Pacific NW Prison Abolition Groups

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Mon, 11/02/2020 - 6:30pm to 7:00pm
Discussion with Pacific Northwest Prison Abolitionists

Host Emma Lugo discusses COVID-19, LGBTQ prisoners, and police violence with members of four Pacific Northwest prison abolition groups, Duckey with Siskiyou Abolition Project; Rory with Critical Resistance PDX; Kia with Black & Pink PDX; Rose with Free Them All WA.  

Black & Pink PDX Portland, Oregon chapter of the national organization fighting for abolition of the prison industrial complex alongside incarcerated LGBTQ people.

Critical Resistance PDX CR PDX is a small group of dedicated prison industrial complex abolitionists who decided to start a CR chapter in Portland to help magnify and spread the work of CR and local prison industrial complex abolitionists. We have a strong focus on working with people most affected by the PIC.


Siskiyou Abolition Project Organizing for a world without prisons and the conditions which allow them to exist. Based in the Siskiyou Mountains in so-called Southern Oregon.

Free Them All WA  Organizing for abolition throughout WA state #covid19mutualaid
We are a collective of people committed to the abolition of the criminal punishment system in WA. Free Them All WA began as a subset of Covid 19 Mutual Aid.

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