Portland DJ Harrased by FBI

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Sun, 05/17/2009 - 5:00pm


Last Monday a man identifying himself as an FBI agent approached Portland DJ Sean Rice as he was leaving his house to catch a bus.

The man informed Rice that he had questions for the radio DJ and Rice refused to cooperate.

Portland Indymedia reports that the same man approached Rice on Wednesday and this time was accompanied by a woman who continued to threaten him by telling the Rice that he is “only making things harder on himself”.

The radio DJ responded by asking the so called FBI agents to contact his lawyer.
KBOO’s Rebecca Nay spoke with Stu Sugarman, who identified himself as Sean Rice’s Lawyer.
That was Stu Sugarman, the lawyer for Portland Radio DJ, Sean Rice.

The FBI Agents refused to give out contact information to the DJ during the incident, Stu Sugarman refused to comment further on the case.

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