KBOO's 2020 National Conventions Roundtable

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Fri, 08/28/2020 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
bring you a post 2020 National Convention Roundtable with some of your favorite KBOO programmers

Tonight the KBOO evening news and Public Affairs department are joining to bring you a post 2020 National Convention Roundtable with some of your favorite KBOO programmers!! Thank you to all the volunteers who came together to make this happen! In the age of misinformation and disinformation, KBOO strives to be your local community connection- KBOO is proudly a volunteer powered, community led institution- It’s driven by listeners like you.

We’re going to kick off the night with some editorial pieces from Gloria Keeth, host of La Voz Del Sabor- which airs every Sunday from 3:30-5pm, we’ll also here from Ray Bodwell who’s the Friday evening news producer, and one of the hosts of The Roots of Rock n Rock, which airs Every Friday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. But first we’ll listen to a snippets from all the recent conventions starting with the Democratic national Convention which began on Aug 17th.

For the second part of our National Convention 2020 roundtable KBOO programmers take to the airwaves in a LIVE in an in-depth conversation  facilitated by KBOO’s  News room Producer, Annett Newell- we’ll here from Press watch’s Theresa Mitchell, Ivonne Rivero from Tonali, Althea Billing- Director of the KBOO evening news, KBOO producer and activist, Michael Leverette and with comments from KBOO’s very own –Sonia Battrell.

We’re also going to here audio from the conventions and analysis from Lily Bohlke, Writer and produced for 2020 TALKS, a Pacifica daily program, tracking the 2020 election process during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for tuning into your local community connection- KBOO Portland!  

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