Measure 110 - A conversation with Andy Ko of the Partnership for Safety & Justice

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Thu, 08/20/2020 - 5:45pm to 6:00pm
Measure 110


Measure 110, an initiative to decriminalize drug possession and provide accessible drug treatment, was recently added to the November ballot in Oregon. Oregon ranks nearly last in accessibility to basic drug treatment, and current drug laws can make what should be considered a health issue into a lifelong criminal record.

KBOO's Nat Moon sat down with Andy Ko to discuss the measure's benefits, making drug treatment accessible and equitable, and the racist history of drug policy in the state.

Andy Ko is has worked with the ACLU and the Open Society Foundations, and serves on the board of the National Network for Justice, an organization that works to support decarceration and decriminalization. He is also Executive Director of the Partnership for Safety & Justice.


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