Criminal Sentence Reduction


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Sun, 07/05/2009 - 5:00pm

Caylor Roling from Partnerships for Safety & Justice provided details and update information on HB 3508 which recently passed the Oregon House and Senate.

The next Prison Pipeline Special will concern Prisoners Giving to those on the outside. If you know about a project or fundraiser done by prisoners that made a contribution to an individual or organization in need, please let us know.

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Tax payors need to be aware, the new addtional 10% sentence reduction is not off loading the prisons. The media always speaks to the violent offendors receiving the 10% off. I am not sure how this can happen at because the non-violent offendors are not receiving the addtional 10% because the judges are not approving. In fact, this is now costing more money, the courts are now overwhelmed with hearings because of the judges are simply not on board even though if sentenced today the non-violent offenders would automatically receive the 30% reduction. Many women and men are eligible, which would save the tax payors $25,000.00 annually per inmate that is released. The district attorneys state wide supported this measure to assist with the influx of repeat offendors expected to be incarerated from measure 57. So, I ask, why would we automatically give the addtional 10% resulting in 30% good time earn time off for those sentenced today, but not those sentenced say 6 months ago. Does this sound like good common sense. NO.  

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