The Power Of Community to Solve Problems

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Wed, 04/22/2020 - 5:30pm to 5:45pm
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An Interview with Judy Berck

"Communities, really meaningful communities, can spring up under the most unlikely circumstances. I feel very close to these people who I've never actually been able to see more than a glimpse of from my car."

Suzanne LaGrande interviews freelance writer who organized a group of strangers in Portland, Oregon to design and make protective gowns for medical workers and people who are working with the homeless. In this interview Berck talks about:

How It Began: Personal Protective Equipment Shortages:

  • Protective Gowns as Well as Masks Needed Getting Help From The Neighbors

  • A Turn for the Worse and a Chance Meeting

  • Organizing Protective Gown Production Virtually

  • People Who Work with The Homeless Have No Protection

  • Going Public with the Design

  • The Power of People to Come up to Solve Problems and the Willingness to Step Up

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