January Gender Blender

KBOO response to COVID19
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Tue, 01/19/2010 - 12:00am

On tonight's show co-hosts Jacob Anderson-Minshall and Laura Calvo talked about several local, national and international issues.  First they discussed a protest of the Ugandan anti-gay legislation that is being organized by students at Southridge High school.  Second they talked with Dr. Jillian Weiss, a consultant and law professor specializing in transgender issues in the workplace.  Dr. Weiss talked about the recent appointment of Amanda Simpsons to the Obama Administrations Senior Technical Adviser to the Commerce Department.  Dr. Weiss also talked about the transgender-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and how it might be derailed by fears over trans employees using workplace restrooms.  Finally, the two co-hosts spoke with Emi Koyama, intersex activist and volunteer coordinatrix of Bridges to Indepndence, a Portland, Oregon organization working with developmentally disabled adults.  Launching a new LGBTQ program at Bridges to Independence, Emi recently hosted a drag show that featured many of the organization's clients.  The sold out show had to turn away audience members but hope to have another showing in the near future.  To learn more visit www.bridgestoindependece.org.

The show also features songs by The Shondes and Namoli Brennet (who wrote "I Have a Dream" in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day).

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