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Mon, 11/04/2019 - 6:30pm to 7:00pm

Please join us this week on Prison Pipeline as we talk with the organizers from Oregon DA for the People Campaign. Oregon DA for the People is a grassroots campaign representing people who are directly affected by the criminal legal system, including Pacific Northwest Family Circle, an organization of families who have lost loved ones to police violence.

“The District Attorney is one of the most powerful people in the so-called “justice” system, but for far too long, they have not been accountable to the people,” said Donna Hayes of Pacific Northwest Family Circle. “With this forum we are changing that. Candidates will have to answer our questions and hear our voices. The community needs to know where they stand. We will be asking every candidate to commit to stopping the harmful effects of the system on Black, Brown, and Indigenous people and so many others.”

“Many organizations and hundreds of individuals have gotten involved in our campaign because they recognize how much is at stake,” said Madeline Carroll, an organizer with Oregon DA for the People campaign. “We’re excited to hold this event where community members, including sex workers, people with disabilities, and family members of incarcerated people, can speak directly to the candidates.”

The Oregon DA for the People campaign will educate voters about what’s at stake in next May’s elections in Multnomah and Clackamas counties, but will not endorse specific candidates. The campaign is based on an extensive community-developed platform of demands for change in the criminal legal system. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to sign on to the platform and join the campaign at oregondaforthepeople.com.

The campaign is part of a growing movement across the country to end mass incarceration and demand that District Attorneys be held accountable for the harmful effects of their policies and decisions. The shared vision of the supporting organizations is a world where communities meet their needs for safety, accountability, and healing together—free from the targeted violence of police or the criminal legal system.

Prison Pipeline is a radio program dedicated to educating the public about the Oregon criminal justice system. Our goal is to present a unique understanding of the criminal justice system, address the root causes of crime, and challenge the status quo. We seek to promote awareness and activism in order to foster a safe, healthy, and just society.

Tune in every Monday at 6:30 P.M. to hear our hosts Karen James, Adam Carpinelli, Amy Johnson, Emma Lugo, Doug McVay and Isabelle Sinclar explore the Oregon justice system with a variety of guests.

For more information: Oregon DA for the People oregondaforthepeople.com 503.201.4671

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