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Deprofessionalization, understaffing, letting tax-payers feed their workers who qualify for Food Stamps
while cutting hours to staff with seniority as the Execs in Cincinnati of Krogers take stock and pay out shareholder profits. That's corporate welfare...I called in making these points from the UFCW WAGE SLAVE point of view with elected Portland, Ore City Council Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty. Welcome back at KBOO Community Radio hosting your former weekly Thursday Morning call-in program VOICES FROM THE EDGE, Commish!
KBOO COMMUNITY RADIO (with all the problems and extra listener responsibilities and engagement required) is still the only media outlet interested in WAGE SLAVE WEEK! Thank you KBOO, Commissioner Hardesty and Jamie Partridge along with LABOR WEEK's staff at KBOO.

All this while supporting our union UFCW who for the last 3 decades of WAGE STAG-NATION has accepted contracts at sub-minimum wage salary because after Union Membership deduction our net pay is actually below the current state-mandated pay for Grocery\Ecommerce staff of $12.70 per hour. This with a contract that only guarantees part-timed workers 20 hours per week. Maybe our better paid union hierarchy isn't so proud of their gains for workers or they'd have a higher profile in local, state and national media writing letters to editors and visiting community and college radio stations talking to anyone who'll listen (or gets paid to listen) on behalf of their impoverished union members.

We workers living on Food Stamps and facing eviction get trolled when we try
to voice a WAGE SLAVE perspective in papers or other broadcast outlet Comments pages online where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or MARKETPLACE or PLANET MONEY or BUSINESS INSIDER or BLOOMBERG BUSINESS NEWS and where nary a voice of a WAGE SLAVE is ever heard (I've been pitching to OPB with no reply just such a Public Interest program called WAGE SLAVE WEEK to help off-set the corporate-capture of the public's air waves and cyber spectrum)

I work for Freddy's yet don't have money to shop so I haven't been out to Gateway or Interstate stores since beginning this low wage working life and did not know what African-American, People of Color or just shady looking whites from Felony Flats have to deal with in terms of check out shopping through cages because Kroger\Fred Meyer won't hire professional security staff to cut down on high theft. That is a business model that is definitely tied to desperation of not just unemployed homeless but of the homeless working poor (living on Food Stamps that tax-payers pay for while
corporate U.S. has been hoarding with no capital investment record profits...(


"Landlords without faces. Apartments without renters. A documentary exploring the new, unlivable city.

"Housing prices are skyrocketing in cities worldwide. Incomes are not. The working and middle classes are getting pushed out of cities, while financial powerhouses use housing as a place to park money." KBOO USE THIS NEW DOCUMENTARY FILM BY SWEDISH PUBLIC INTEREST TV INVESTIGATIVE TEAM WITH U.S. INVESTIGATORS SOURCED ON CAMERA to raise money for the station and stimulate public discussion on why new
Public\Private Partnership High Rise condos and market-rate apartment buildings sit mostly vacant while the Hoovervilles of Homeless pile up on our streets and beneath our federally subsidized interstate highway system...

Thank you for sharing and listening Council Commissioner Hardesty!
Keep on doing...

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters & Shifters
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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