Clinton Fearon In Studio

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Thu, 09/05/2019 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
History Say
"History Say" album preview

Join Shocks of Sheba for a special broadcast as we invite Clinton Fearon in to the KBOO studio.

Clinton Fearon has been making reggae music for 50 years.   Check that, he's been creating GREAT reggae music for 50 years.  Starting out in Jamaica as a member of much the beloved roots group The Gladiators, Clinton Fearon has also created music alongside most all of Jamaica's best musicians and he has created msuic for producer-greats such as Coxsone Dodd, Yabby You, Lee Perry and more.  He has worked amongst Jamaica's best because he is one of Jamaica's best. 

After 18 years with the Gladiators, Clinton left the gorup, has relocated in Seattle, and continues his legacy of creating truly great reggae music.  Clinton Fearon's 12th album "History Say" is being released September 13, 2019 and may just be his strongest effort to date.  This one is chock full of collaborations between he and a range of others, including Alpha Blondy from the Ivory Coast, Mike Love from Hawaii, the Emiterians from Spain and it also includes first time work with his daughter Sherine Fearon from Jamaica.

It's a priveledge to host an artist of this stature on Shocks of Sheba!

Tune in good people; it will be niceness.


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