Wheeler Protest Ordinance Fails 3-2


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Wheeler Protest Ordinance Fails 3-2: Council Member Express Divergent Perspectives

Wednesday at City Hall, Portland City Council voted down Mayor Ted Wheeler’s proposal to further limit free speech.

The proposal would have given the commissioner in charge of the police, him, the authority to designate the time and place for Portland street protests.

In a relatively rare split vote, Commissioners Eudaly, Fritz, and Fish voted against the proposal with Saltzman and Wheeler voting for it.

KBOO’s Joe Meyer reports on each commissioner’s statement before their vote.


Ostensible to counter fascist demonstrators, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Police Chief Danielle Outlaw proposed a new law restricting gatherings in Portland’s public spaces.

This failed 3-2 last Wednesday.  

This rare split vote highlights the different perspectives of porland’s commioners.

The order in which commissioners vote rotates quarterly and it was Commissioner Eudaly turn to go first.



Portland commissioner Euday’s No vote was based on their personal experience on Portland streets and a skepticism of police neutrality.


Commissioner Fritz was next.


Commissioner Fritz’s No vote was based on her understanding of Portland’s long history or racism and police violence.


Commsissioner Fish was the swing vote.


Commsissioner Fish was conflicted and voted no firstly on constitisiona grounds.

Comm Saltzman had this to say


 That was outgoing Comm Dan Saltzman. Independent of constitutional issues he voted yes because something needs to be done.


The mayor votes last


That was Mayor Ted Wheeler. His perspective is that the media is largely to blame for his failed ordingance. 

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