Portland Housing and Realtor Cash

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Realtor cash pollutes politics at the national, state and city levels.

               According to the Oregon Secretary of State's database, Oregon Realtors have invested nearly ten million dollars in political candidates and causes over the past decade.

               Most expensively, Realtors spent Four point Seven Million to pass Measure Seventy-Nine, which prohibits any new transfer taxes, fees or assessments on real estate.

               Realtors are also spending in Portland's City Council race between Jo Ann Hardesty ($0) and Loretta Smith ($27,500). 


Much of the audio was taken at the October 2nd, 2018 Meeting of the Eastside democratic Club.

Voices include State Representative Alissa Keny Guyer; Portland Planning's Morgan Tracy; Soren Impey from Portland Tenet's United; and Meg Hanson from Portland Coalition for  Historic Resources.

The host is Joe Meyer. 


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