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Mon, 09/24/2018 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Michael Budkie,  SAEN founder
Dab Steadman talks with SAEN founder Michael Budkie about the his mission to end animal experiments.

Host Dab Steadman talks with Michael Budkie, co-founder & director of SAEN- Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!     SAEN’s mission is to end animal experiments through cutting-edge investigations, hard-hitting media exposes and public pressure.

You’ll hear how SAEN finds facts and uncovers violations of the Animal Welfare Act to put pressure on the US Dept. of Agriculture to  penalize or shut-down the offending institutions.  Mr. Budkie will give examples of some of the suffering & death in labs that experiment on animals caused by AWA violations or staff negligence...including at OHSU in Portland.  Mr. Budkie will also discuss the successes that his organization has had over the years.


You can find more information about Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!  in these ways:

SAEN website:



Twitter  @SAENonline

Instagram  @SAENonline



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