Episode Five - Impatience


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Tue, 07/17/2018 - 7:00am to 8:00am
By its nature, the experience of impatience is difficult to slow down, stay with, and get curious about. In this conversation, Devon helps Chris explore a recent process of transforming impatience (isolation, judgment, and fear) into patience (awareness of hurt, connection to value, readiness for skillful action.) With wisdom from Lama Rod Owens, Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Emergent Strategy, and bell hooks, we dig into what is underneath the urges of impatience. 
As usual, we leave time for you to sense into your own experience. If you’d like to explore a similar process around impatience, we invite you to consider:
What body sensations do you associate with this struggle or discomfort?
Do you identify with any of these sensations?
Is there anything you can do to help yourself feel more space around these sensations?
If impatience points to fear (as we postulate), what core value of yours do you think might be threatened by the situation you are considering?
Sitting with the hurt or fear that comes up when this core value is not shared by those around you, can you connect to a teacher, community, or environment that honors and elicits your value? 
In that feeling space (in which others share and support your value), what sensations arise? 
What action or practice might help you stay connected to this sense of community or interdependence around this value?
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