Episode One: How and Why


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Wed, 03/07/2018 - 4:00pm to 4:30pm

In Episode One of Yoga for the Body Politic, Chris and Devon talk about the how and why of this podcast. Devon leads Chris and listeners in a meditation meant to demonstrate one way we might talk about being in our bodies. A story from Chris brings up some relevant questions: When we notice how we feel, how does that translate to making more space for authenticity in our daily interactions? If small traumas --  micro-aggressions, fragmentation, alienation -- are part of our daily lives, how can we use them to practice creating small acts of compassion and connection? 


This conversation also serves to highlight some of our foundational assumptions:


1. People want to treat each other well. Underneath conditioning and fear of loss, we are all seeking connection, safety, and belonging. We want to be seen and heard; to help others; and to have opportunities to learn and grow. 


2. The personal is political. As within, so without. We are in many bodies --  our own skin, our families, our communities, our nationality, our global humanity, and the ultimate body of our biosphere. How we treat each other and the natural world shape our inner ecologies. Likewise, our inner selves are informed by our communities and the world around us. Etc.


3. Meditation helps. Listening to our bodies helps. 


4. Asking questions is more important than answering them, especially when asking creates an engaged space that honors difference and personal testimony. 

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