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Fri, 03/09/2018 - 12:00am to 3:00am
Come hear Uncle John . . .

Delighted to have my dear Uncle John come play on the show, and talk about his life and music.

Straight from Mr. John Nelson himself:
"Born in southern California in 1948 the only year Pasadena had up to 6 inches of snow. Groomed for white collar, I entered the University of California just as the Vietnam protest begin. I got an education and an attitude I wasn't supposed to get.

I wound up on a commune in northern British Columbia beyond the reach of the military draft. Long winters in wood heat cabin, a poor quality 12 string guitar, and some lonesome blues.

No one could teach me because I had learned to play other friend's guitars upside down; right handed guitars left handed.

There were precedence for such behavior: Elizabeth Cotton the old blues singer; Dick Dale with surf music; others less notable.

Between pairing up, two children, a career in construction and back – 40 projects, there wasn't time or inclination for much guitar. But when I moved to Northern California eventually and build my house I got more serious.

My first CD has the title song "Better Late Than Never". Writing and playing music was something I wanted to do since high school. All I had to do was get over stage fright and go to my first open mic at age 62.

Oh, it was scary. Nobody in the room was over 25! I played my three best dinosaur songs ("Don't Think Twice", "House of the Rising Sun", and Mark Knopfler's "Romeo and Juliet")

Lo and behold, they liked it; they asked for one more, even though the playlist was long.

I didn't need much more encouragement to practice, create, and drive my wife crazy.

Today, I play a lot of volunteer music, a few paying gigs. If I had any computer skills, I could probably chase down more work. Work that's not really work.

But who am I kidding: I'm 70, with arthritis and more frequent brain farts. Still, I won't give it up until Carnegie Hall calls me."


Be sure to tune in just before midnight to hear what musical and tales he has to weave for us!


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