Show for November 17, 2008


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Sun, 11/16/2008 - 4:00pm

Hosted by Denise Morris, this program deals with the global economic crisis and what it would take to fix it, the broken mental health system and what it needs, and why California  voters  passed  a  ban on gay marriage.  We also hear a review  of  the documentary film about Darcelle XV, Queens of Heart.  Hear the whole show by clicking the arrow above, or individual pieces by following the links  below:

1.  John Cavanagh, co-director of the Institute  for Policy Studies, explains what led to the global financial crisis and what  could fix  it.

2.  Jan Haaken and David Oaks from Mind/Freedom International discuss a  better way to think about mental  health and the community.

3.   "Queen of Hearts," a documentary about Portland's  drag club Darcelle XV, is reviewed by Movie  Moles Frann Michel and Denise Morris.

4.   Denise and Frann discuss the question of why the ban on gay marriage passed in California in the context of the gay rights movement. 

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