Planet Earth in Hospice? (Part 1)

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Fri, 01/05/2018 - 10:00am to 10:15am
Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow with Post Carbon Institute joins host Dale Holiday to discuss his article, “Are We Doomed? Let’s Talk”.


I was absolutely captivated by Richard’s article, “Are We Doomed?”  Despite the dire tone of this article I was delighted to see it because I thought finally, someone was saying things I’d thought for the past 30 years.  Someone is telling the truth! 

Here is my personal perspective:  My belief is that the existence of human beings is coming to an end.  We had our chance on this planet and we blew it.  There are too many vast and irreversible environmental and social problems that will be our demise – especially since so many people are in denial, and there’s not enough political will to address these problems.

I see our planet as being in a hospice stage and the best we can do is try to make the patient as comfortable as possible during the last days.  In short, I’m a pessimist about the viability of human existence on this planet for much longer. 

Maybe you agree with me, maybe not.  But please join me in this 2-part conversation with Richard Heinberg about our future.

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