The Politics of Living - Episode 9

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Wed, 11/01/2017 - 9:00am to 10:00am
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November 1, 2017

  • Director Marq Evans sat down with Inessa Anderson to discuss the documentary about Will Vinton, entitled "Welcome To My Daydream."  Will is an award-winning Portland icon and the father of claymation, who started a creative company in his basement.  That company - Laika - morphed into a $35 million dollar organization under Will's creative vision.  
  • On the November segment of "The She-Ra Solution",  Kristin Thiel introduces two different women - with the same name.   Gitanjali Rao is an animator and filmmaker.  And, Gitanjali Rao is an 11-year-old scientist.
  • Contributor Darka Dusty returns with her new segment, entitled "Ten Minutes With Darka."  The segment features interviews and music with guests.  Rachael Rice is this month's guest; she is a full-time writer, artist, and educator who lives in Portland.
  • Host and show creator Dennise Kowalcyk shares some personal thoughts about life and relationships, by telling a story about her sister's death, which occurred this past summer.
  • Editor Liam Delta launches a new segment - Vox Pop.  Liam took to the streets of downtown Portland to find out how folks are staying sane and grounded in these uncertain times. 

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Dennise M. Kowalczyk

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Inessa Anderson (Interview with Marq Evans – Producer:  Inessa Anderson)
Kristin Thiel (The She-Ra Solution – Producer: Dennise M. Kowalczyk)
Darka Dusty (Interview with Rachael Rice – Producer: Darka Dusty & Dennise M. Kowalczyk)
Dennise M. Kowalczyk (Reflection – Producer:  Dennise M. Kowalczyk
Liam Delta (Vox Pop – Producers:  Liam Delta & Dennise M. Kowalczyk)

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Liam Delta (Editor)
Dennise M. Kowalczyk (Executive Producer)
Vicky Mazzone (Web)

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