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Thu, 06/22/2017 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

We have been wanting to do this show for a long time...  Despite the popularity of videos such as the one where a woman walked around New York City for ten hours (and the debate which ensued afterwards), catcalling (or the act of "a loud whistle or a comment of a sexual nature by a man to a passing woman" as the dictionary describes) is a thing which people do not know the name of, or deny its existence outright.  It is true that all types of people are catcalled; however, the overwhelming percentage of folks who are recipients of it are women and femmes.  

This evening we will be with our dear brother Mic Crenshaw to delve deeper on the discussions we've had with people in the streets about their experiences with catcalling; about why it is such an epidemic (despite people's general non-awareness about it), and what some solutions could be to not only ensure a compliment remains a compliment, for everyone's safety...  but to bring awareness and a proper process of accountability of the power dynamics which exist in 'catcalling culture.'

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