Old Mole Variety Hour April 17, 2017


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News, Views and Interviews from a socialist Feminist perspective


Denise Morris hosts this episode of the Old Mole which includes

  • Host Denise Morris talks with Margot Black about HB 2004 a proposed bill to end no-cause evictions and prevent massive rent hikes with rent control measures. Margot Black is a founding member of Portland Tenants United
  • Bill Resnick talks with Jody Wiser about the struggle for more progressive tax policies in Oregon. Jody Wiser is a founder of Tax Fairness Oregon.
  • Book Mole Larry Bowlden reviews Lilac Girls, by Martha Hall Kelley; it’s a historically based novel about three women during World War II, one Polish, one German, and the other American. It focuses on Ravensbruck, the Nazi concentration camp for women.
  • We hear about the founding of Portland Tenants United from Margot Black who participated in a panel discussion at the April 8th 2017 Labor Notes sponsored Troublmakers School. The workshop Power in the City featured Margot Black with Prortland Tenants United, Javanka Beckles,  Richmond Progressive Alliance (Richmond Ca.). Panel discusion was facilitated by Gwen Sullivan, Portland Association of Teachers.
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