The War on Science

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Mon, 03/13/2017 - 10:15am to 11:00am
Science for truth, justice and the America way
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March for Science, April 22, 2017

The Trump administration has launched an all-out war on independent science, environmental safeguards, and facts. Leading this attack on science are industry insiders who now occupy positions of power at the EPA, Department of Energy, and other critical federal agencies. In response to these assaults on verifiable science, scientists will be marching on Washington, DC, this Earth Day, April 22, in the first of a week of science actions in the nation’s capital, culminating in the People's Climate March on April 29.

On this episode of Locus Focus we talk with Collin O'Mara with the National Wildlife Federation, about how scientists are leading a steady, aggressive resistance against the Flat Earth world of Donald Trump.

Collin O’Mara serves as President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, America’s largest wildlife conservation organization with 50 state and territorial affiliates and nearly six million hunters, anglers, birders, gardens, hikers, paddlers, and wildlife enthusiasts. 

This Week's Resistance Action for Science:

Here’s the number to call Scott Pruitt's office (EPA Office of the Administrator) to offer your feelings about Pruitt’s comments that he doesn't believe that climate change is human caused: (202) 564-4700.

Script: Hi, my name is _________. I’m calling because I’m seriously concerned about Scott Pruitt’s claim that CO2 is not a major driver of climate change. The role of CO2 and humans as drivers of climate change is widely accepted among the scientific community, and I’m deeply concerned that Mr. Pruitt, as the head of the EPA, rejects scientific evidence.

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