Old Mole Variety Hour for May 5, 2008


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Sun, 05/04/2008 - 5:00pm

 This program, hosted by Clayton Morgareidge, features discussions of electoral democracy and its discontents, the rights of psychiatric patients, socialism as a necessary goal of progressive political action, and political gestures by Olympic athletes.  You can hear the whole wonderful show by clicking on the arrow above.  Or you can hear whatever part you like by clicking on the links below:1.  Bill Resnick and Rob Ritchie of Fair Vote discuss what's  wrong with electoral democracy and how elections could be more democratic.2.  Insane Liberation: Jan Haaken talks with David Oaks about freeing people with mental health problems to make their own choices.  And he invites us to a street theater event in Eugene on May 17.   3.  Clayton Morgareidge (as the Well-read Red) presents the case that capitalism is a failed system and only socialism can save us.4. Thabiti Lewis makes the case for athletes at the Olympics making political statements.

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