Guantanamo Family Stories-2

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Thu, 04/24/2008 - 5:00pm

If you've seen the Hollywood movie, Rendition, you'll recognize the story of Saifullah Paracha. In the Hollywood movie, an innocent man is literally kidnapped off a plane by US agents, hooded, shackled and sent to a prison camp. This is essentially what happened to Saifullah Paracha, a Pakistani businessman who in 2003 was removed from a flight and sent to a horrendous US prison camp in Bagram, then on to Guantanamo. As in the movie, the Paracha family had no idea of his whereabouts for over a month. However, unlike the movie which has a happy Hollywood ending, Saifullah remains in Guantanamo where he has been held since 2004. Bread and Roses spoke to Saifullah Paracha's teenage daughter. She lives in Pakistan.

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