African-American Male School Adaptability Crisis

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Thu, 10/06/2016 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
The African American Male School Adaptability Crisis.
African-American Male School Adaptability Crisis:Its Source and Solution Planted in the African American Garden of Eden

Author Joe L. Rempson, states:  "Division and differences marked both the founding of our nation and the adaptation of our people. However, the fathers of our nation's founding were able to compromise and overcome their differences. Not so of our African American Adaptation Fathers. As was later to be the case with our nation, our Adaptation Fathers early on - in our African American Garden of Eden -- got involved in a North versus South war, the relatively free and urban North versus the newly freed and agricultural South. The war can be viewed as the interests of the middle-class versus the needs of the masses. DuBois spoke for the former, Washington for the latter. It was like the Civil War being replayed, however, this time not over slavery, but rather between ex-slaves over their adaptation. During his lifetime, Washington prevailed, but without having ever reached the kind of compromise with DuBois and his New England opposition which the Founding Fathers of our nation had been able to reach."

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