Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela Update: From South American Viewpoint

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Wed, 03/12/2008 - 5:00pm

 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today urged nations such as Venezuela to meet their U-N obligations by keeping so-called terrorists out of their territories, and not letting their borders to be used to protect them. Rice’s comments come a day after President Bush said that Venezuela's response to the recent crisis in Colombia and Ecuador was provocative and disturbing.Dan Denvir is a former organizer with the Portland Central American Solidarity Committee and is a past producer of KBOO’s Labor Radio.  He is now living in Quito, Ecuador.  KBOO’s Patrik Kilpatrick spoke with him and brings you the first in an occasional series of what the world looks like when viewed from South America. In this Installment, we’ll hear something of the South American perspective on the recent diplomatic wrangle between Colombia and Ecuador and Venezuela.  That was former KBOO host Dan Denvir speaking from Quito, Ecuador.  KBOO’s Patrik Kilpatrick produced this audio with the help of the Bolivarian Media Exchange. 

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