Honoring the life and art of Prince Rogers Nelson (part 2)

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Thu, 05/26/2016 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
B-Sides, Renditions and more wisdom...

To cover the vast amount of work Prince Rogers Nelson has done on this earth, it's going to take a full year (at least).  We still wanted to do something with the minimal amount of time we have though, so we are spending this week looking at just a few of the MANY songs he penned for others.  Some of the songs he gave to others, he ended up doing himself.  We are also looking at a few renditions of his songs.  Prince never did any of his own songs the same way twice (sometimes working on one song over the course of several years), and he was notorious for not being too fond of covers of his music; however, the more you placed originality on your rendition he lent more of his support.  We did our best to present the more creative renditions. 

There's a lot we want to say in relation to how we've grown with Mr. Nelson over the years; here is but one of our ways of thanking him.


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