Pacific Underground - Membership Drive Special - Asians and Pacific Islanders in Star Wars


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Wed, 04/20/2016 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
A humorous and critical roundtable discussion about API representation in Star Wars


The Pacific Underground team presents a special episode about Asian and Pacific Islander (API) representation in Star Wars. Tabitha, Canaan, Pamela, and Jenna have a candid roundtable discussion about this pop culture favorite. With the recent release of the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One trailer, Pacific Underground producers have been excited to see how APIs will be featured. In this humorous and critical look at the Star Wars franchise, we share our personal stories and opinions about what it's like to be an API fan girl/boy of movies that have come under harsh criticism for their lack of diversity and orientalism. Pamela and Canaan share their Ewok language skills while Tabitha explains "Asian aliens." Artist Albert Nguyen makes a special appearance to explain what's problematic about the Trade Federation.  So put on your critical thinking caps and laugh along with the geeks of Pacific Underground as they explore everyone's favorite far, far away galaxy!

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