Maurice Carney: Friends of the Congo

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Tue, 06/12/2012 - 12:00am
Interview with Maurice Carney on America's proxy war on the Congo in the natural resource wars

My guest today , Maurice Carney,  is the executive director of Friends of the Congo.  Carney is quoted as saying, “The Rwandan government has acted as a major destabilizing force in the east of the Congo since 1996. However, as a staunch ally of the United States and the United Kingdom, the Rwandan government has benefited tremendously from the diplomatic cover and protection that accompanies its relationship with such powerful nations."His remarks to the press echo the message he articulated in the film, ‘Crisis in the Congo’ - a riposte to the outrageous agitprop of 'Kony 2012', perhaps the world's best example of  the world’s worst filmmaking.  ‘Kony 2012’ appeared to feature a very large, very white, very American couple being lead along a lane by a much smaller ‘African Friend’ who was explaining what the ‘godless’ Kony’s nutty, drug-addled army of terrified children had been up to – whatever it was, it isn’t any longer.  Kony hasn’t been on the scene since 2009.  Racist?  With a capital ‘R’.  Rightwing Christers who would like to see gays executed and women enslaved?  That’s our junior league ‘auteurs’  - ‘Crock-work Carnage’ anyone?

This from the BBC: "The UN says it has evidence that a rebellion in the Democratic Republic of Congo is being fueled by recruits and support from neighboring Rwanda." Human Rights Watch reports that "Rwandan army officials have provided weapons, ammunition, and an estimated 200 to 300 recruits to support Ntaganda’s mutiny in Rutshuru territory, eastern Congo." A leading Congolese newspaper, Le Potentiel notes "The mutiny underway in the eastern DRC receives support in manpower and logistics from Rwanda, in the face of astonishing passivity from the international community (U.S., Britain, EU, etc.)." “Passivity” does not describe the very active, muscular role the UDS military is playing in arming, aiding and abetting the Rwandan depredations in the eastern Congo.

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