Live in Studio: TIP

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Fri, 01/27/2012 - 12:00am
Live in Studio: TIP

Tip is:

Tuna "Daniel" McNamara, Age 18, University of Swag, Sandwiches

Nicholas Johnson, Age 16, Homeless, Lead Rhythmist

Oliver Pickens, Age 16, "RIP Dimebag" Institution for the Blind, Vocals

Milo "Based" Bennett, Age 11, Buckman Elementary, Drums

Jesse Rapperport, Age 16, Joseph Smith University for the Criminally Hungry, Lead

Their Setlist:

Nuke the Whales (instrumental) / Nuke the Whales / Come On Greg / Girlfriend / Clive / Rap Metal / Or Space Doodle Though / Teach Me How to Dugie / 3 Little Pigs / Forget You / Get That I Hate This Band

There is an interview after the set.


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