Big Animation with Rose Bond and DripDrop


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Tue, 07/12/2011 - 12:00am
Dmae Roberts talks with Rose Bond and DripDrop

Dmae Roberts talks with veteran media artist Rose Bond about her work on large-scale animations and her teaching of Boundary Crossings' an institute on animated. Also featured is Daniela Repas of DripDrop Productions. They're debuting Pre-Nostalgic, DripDrop’s new animated installation of sound, sculpture, and drawing. DripDrop tells us about the installation, which has been two years in the making.

Rose Bond is an award-winning artist whose work straddles the lines between animation, art and architecture. She has created several large-scale, site-specific installations, as well as a number of films. Her work challenges people to think about how they perceive time, space, and memory. Bond is an associate professor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Contemporary Animated Art.

DripDrop is a multi-media trio made up of Thornton C. Wilson, Todd Tawd, and Daniela Repas. Their newest large-scale multi-media installation, Pre-Nostalgic, runs July 22-25 at 230 E Burnside. It combines sound, sculpture, and animation to create an emotionally charged narrative.

Listen to Stage & Studio to learn more about Rose Bond, Boundary Crossings, DripDrop, and Pre-Nostalgic. Hear how animation and installation art are intersecting and changing both worlds!

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