A Change Is Gonna Come


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Mon, 09/25/2023 - 8:00am to 9:00am

Dramatic changes are taking place locally and nationally in politics and labor.

In November 2022, an overwhelming majority of voters chose to create a new form of city government that changes how city commissioners are elected and redefines their responsibilities, expanding the number of commissioners and district representation, and changing how votes are cast (ranked-choice voting). The changes continued to be resisted by current city commissioners and traditional business and political powers which will see their influence wane.  How revolutionary or traditional will the new city council be? What type of candidates will run? What are the challenges and opportunities?

Coming out of the worldwide pandemic, we have witnessed increased militancy and mobilization among workers in many industries and occupations. This increase in workers' organizing for better conditions has impacted businesses where workers have traditionally organized and newly organized workplaces ( auto workers, health professionals, educators, baristas, and fast food workers have been active in raising their voices and struggling for recognition and improved conditions). Why are workers organizing in such a fever pitch in various industries? 

Join Celeste and Cecil with your reflections on these and other related topics.

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