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Thu, 09/21/2023 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

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    Young Man
    Last Man Standing
    Legacy Empire
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    11.Day by Day
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Grateful for being alive and off work grind today and getting to listen to Hilary Zaid be interviewed on your Between the Covers weekly program on books. Ms Zaid is a novelist I'm not familiar with. Even though her life seems in some geographical ways a doppleganger in the 90's East Bay Oakland inner city environs, a weird mirror on my own arrival at Cal Berkeley in 1980 and remaining in that magical mindful landscape even as life became impossible for blue collar workers heading into the 21st C.

Just wish this web page on KBOO was used as something I could send to the Media Discussion List I curate along with an audio archive link to the interview to lure so many others into listening and discussing. Hopefully other online resources and community radio endeavours will make that reality materialize in our United States of Amnesia (kudos Gore Vidal, speaking in Berkeley back when I covered his talk circa late 1990's) as I am set to head to library and used bookstores to read up on Hilary Zaid's earlier novels.

Clearly Ms. Zaid is no stranger to the anonymity of blue collar earnings and lower rungs of scraping by. Even if her occupation as a writing mother trying to raise 2 sons would have been considered white collar work. Not to mention her mention of working after her grad work at U.C.-B. in a Bay Area web design shop and of the seductions of working for so called Social Media Shops (perhaps better termed as I've taken to thinking of that side of our monopoly culture the Anti-Social Media, at least as much so as our Pay2Play broadcast and Big Press multi-media).

I can't wait to see how she's woven the work of Shoshana Zuboff's well described brick of a book on BIG MONOPOLY TECH's monstrous reach into her apparently absurdist tinged novels of early Surveillance Capitalism. Good thing Zuboff, once she retired from her academic silo'd gig at THE ELITE UNIVERSITY's BID-NET School could tour the world discussing the subjects taboo on our U.S. of Amnesia's Mass Market multi-media which as Pay2Play does, keeps active minds and critical thinkers far from any congregated seekers after community.
Oakland author’s thriller observes a daunting digital future not unlike our own
Brandon Yu August 30, 2023Updated: August 31, 2023, 2:08 am

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