Vote Yes on 26-238 Eviction Protection for Tenants


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Please join us for Transpositive on KBOO Community Radio on Tuesday, May 2nd as we talk with advocates from the Vote Yes on Measure 26-238 Ballot Measure on the Multnomah County Ballot this month.  The Measure, also known as the Eviction Representation for All ballot measure would offer significant protections to tenants facing eviction court.

The Eviction Representation for All ballot measure offers three signifcant areas of protection.  One of those areas is a "Right to Counsel." “Right to counsel” is how advocates refer to the right to free legal representation in court. Unlike criminal court, in eviction court (civil court) tenants are not provided a lawyer unless they can afford to pay for one. This means that as it currently stands, only one side has legal representation in the vast majority of cases—landlords. 

The ERA also addresses the right to a fair trial. Lawyers keep proceedings fair. Without an in-depth knowledge of the legal system, tenants are vulnerable to procedural tricks, abusive conduct, predatory contracts, and intimidation in court. By providing all tenants with a lawyer, they’ll have a proper guide to navigate the maze of eviction court—greatly reducing the number of unfair evictions that occur and lessening the harm caused by evictions.

The ERA is part of a national movement. Since right to counsel initially passed in New York City in 2017, many other cities, counties, and states have passed similar measures. This initiative follows in the footsteps of those successes. While scope and implementation vary between jurisdictions, the message is clear—the right to counsel movement is strong, widely supported, and continues to expand across the country.

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