Show #61 - Social Commentary


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Wed, 02/22/2023 - 3:00pm

This show showcases a wide array of societal observations made by various song writers.  Some of the subjects covered include immigration policy, consumerism, human rights in Iraq, and religion.   


Opener - Be Careful How You Vote by Sunnyland Slim.
Song 1 - Babies In Cages by Drive By Truckers. Played by Scott
Song 2 - The Living Years by Mike & The Mechanics. Played by Joe
Song 3 - For Women, Life, Liberty by Rana Mansour. Played by Scott
Song 4 - One Tin Soldier by The Original Caste. Played by Joe
Song 5 - Full English Brexit by Billy Bragg. Played by Scott
Song 6 - Sins Of The Family by Barry McGuire. Played by Joe
Song 7 - Wake Up America by Latimore. Played by Scott
Song 8 - Personal Shopper by Steven Wilson. Played by Joe
Song 9 - Strange Fruit by Beth Hart & Joe Bonanassa. Played by Scott
Song 10 - Dear God by XTC. Played by Joe
Song 11 - Whose Truth, Whose Lies by Doug MacLeod. Played by Scott
Song 12 - Salt Water by Julian Lennon. Played by Joe
Song 13 - Took The Children Away by Archie Roach. Played by Scott
Song 14 - The Great Nations Of Europe by Randy Newman. Played by Joe

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