Ryan Copple: "Riese" And Beyond


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Tue, 03/01/2011 - 12:00am
A conversation with Ryan Copple about the future of the web series


Host Dmae Roberts talks with Ryan Copple is a Vancouver, BC writer, editor and co-creator (with Kaleena Kiff) of the award-winning steam-punk digital series Riese narrated bySanctuaryand Stargate SG1 star Amanda Tapping. The series began as an indie online series and then was picked up for season 2 by the SyFy Channel to run online last fall. The series featured actors from many well-known television series.Riese granered 1.2 million streams and was so successful that SyFy ordered another indie online web series called Mercury Men.


Ryan Copple


Highlights from Copple's interview on Stage & Studio:

- It is now easier than ever before for artists to distribute their work. Anyone can upload videos to sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

- Web series are shot with small screens in mind. But that doesn't mean skimping on quality. Ryan Copple and the rest of the team behind Riese say: "We never wanted to be good enough for the web. We just wanted to be good."

- Copple talks about some new projects and irons in the fire after the success of Riese and details the international launch of the series.


RIESE: KINGDOM FALLING Pictured: (l-r) Christine Chatelain as Riese, Fenrir, Sharon Taylor as Amara, Patrick Gilmore Trennan -- Photo by: Syfy


- New media is interactive and multi-platformed. Before Riese was launched, the creators released an alternate-reality game that set up the story.

- One of the best things about the future of the web series: creative freedom. "Don't be afraid to get your story out there," Copple says, "That's the beauty of the web, is you can just tell whatever you want to tell."

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