Reading, Writing and Book Burning

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Mon, 01/16/2023 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Welcome to another edition of LTAR -

Reading, Writing and Book Burning -

America is undergoing another backlash to the increasing awareness of racial injustices following the murder of George Floyd, as school leaders strive to confront longstanding inequities as some public schools address diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

And white conservatives are creating false flags by challenging this awareness with educational gag orders to pull books off the shelves and stop teachers from teaching any subject that will make white children feel bad. -thus reading writing and book burning.

The LTAR journalist addressed three questions :

1.Is this attack on education about the parental concern that children not be made uncomfortable or feel guilty at school, or is it something more nefarious?
2. Does the effort to create an environment that does not make people feel uncomfortable prioritize white children's feelings over children of color?
3. Is book-banning and efforts to limit discussions about race, gender, and sex in the K-12 classroom the same as cancel culture?

Also, What gives you hope---

Hope is a thing with feathers and Jeff Session Library (Satire)


Originally released on 02-14-2022 



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