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Thu, 09/15/2022 - 9:00am to 10:00am


Founders of a new Innovation Hub in a farming region hope it will also help reverse economic hardship and population decline. Plus: Some days at work were super productive, while other days are a bust. Here are 5 kinds of workdays and how they affect our creativity. Also: We all negotiate daily, from deciding where to eat with friends to asking for a raise at work.  

With Good Reason is a production of Virginia Humanities, a humanities council whose stated mission is to develop the civic, cultural, and intellectual life of the Commonwealth of Virginia by creating learning opportunities for all Virginians. 





Also, an episode of World Ocean Radio: A Plan for Plastic (part two) 


Part two of a two-part series laying out steps with examples that represent a coherent and provocative way forward toward a plastic-free future. In this episode we discuss the list of specific recommendations from the Pew Foundation / SYSTEMIQ Report for actions to redress the plastic pollution crisis--in effect a coherent Plan for Plastic.






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