Racism in AI

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Mon, 09/05/2022 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm


The ubiquitousness of Artificial Intelligence is undeniable, whether you're using a search engine, watching Netflix, or scrolling through recommendations on TikTok, AI powers the conveniences we have come to expect while interacting with technology. Although these examples seem benign on the surface, the far-reaching effects of our interactions with this expanding area of tech arent always as cut and dry or even beneficial for everyone whose lives it affects. As we look into the black box of the beast, our roundtable of journalists weighs the implications of bias in AI, and how discrimination through digital redlining has become an acceptable tradeoff for growth and technological supremacy. 


Lets Talk About Race (LTAR), an intergenerational, roundtable discussion of independent national journalists featuring rigorous conversations and analysis of news coverage and the role race plays in politics, government, economy, education, and health. The hosts bring their own flavor, journalistic perspectives, and integrity, as well as news clips from around the world. In addition to topical discussions, LTAR features political satire and regular segments. LTAR currently airs on KBOO Community Radio in Portland, OR.

The roundtable line-up features: LaNita Duke, an award-winning audio and video producer who has written, directed, and produced political news and commentary for Grassroots NW and KBOO Radio for over 45 years. Dianne Johnson, a journalist from Texas co-host/musicologist on From the Grassroots, a political news magazine. Althea Billings, current News Director at KBOO Community Radio. Cecil Prescod, talk-show host local, national, and international issues ranging from poverty in Portland to politics in Africa. Nia Gray, host and blogger of The Faith Report and The Woke Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Released on 02-28-2021




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